Alternative Payment Methods

If you wish to pay me through SquareCash, my Cashtag is $ZanderYates and my page is$ZanderYates

If you wish to pay me through Venmo, my username is @ZanderYates

If you wish to pay me via cryptocurrency, these are my current wallet addresses; I will be posting more very soon!


Bitcoin (BTC) :     1HiCMyEtm6aZ8dYqynGm23EVBKf1TZ8ssu 

Musicoin (MUSIC): 0x4a95d91713f97d9590b4ffaba0f5890413c98104

Litecoin (LTC) :    LLJmhDRfvg1hyVGPNRgBQG2HE5dJDCYR5r 

Ethereum (ETH) :    0x8D456Fdd590fAeF636dF9610b31942EE6dD9e1A5


 If you're interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, you may be interested in streaming my music on Choon and Musicoin!




Thank you!

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