Now on Merrifield Records! 

Hello everybody!

I'm super hyped to announce that I am joining Merrifield Records!
You can check out the details on this sweet record label on their website,

This deal is %100 no strings attached, so I still retain all creative control and responsibility!

I'm very excited about this!
If you haven't been listening to the new music I've been releasing yet, you should definitely check it out on my music page, and you can also see each song being recorded in action on my YouTube channel!

These songs will be released in the near future everywhere that music is heard, but for now you should definitely hear it while it's fresh out of the oven.
If you're familiar with the cryptocurrency based music service Choon, I also upload my new music there! Choon pays me and other artists way more than spotify, so it is %100 worth checking out.

That's all for now my friends.
Stay tuned!



7th Dimensional Alien from Inner Space ZANDER YATES has released his 30 minute country psychedelic epic EXIT STRATEGY UNLIMITED!
You can listen to or download the album HERE or watch the full live videos of the album recording party HERE.

THANK YOU and enjoy!



On NOVEMBER 24th, 2018, 5th Dimension Anti-Pop Singer-Psalmwriter ZANDER YATES will be recording his hit album Exit Strategy Unlimited, LIVE, at The Skylark in Seattle, WA! More details on the Shows page! If you are not in Seattle, fret not, for we will be LIVE STREAMING this event on YouTube! Click Here to subscribe to the Zander Yates YouTube Channel. 

Thank you!!
Have a wonderful time!