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  1. a Song for Peace

From the album Escape Key

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a Song for Peace

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Don't talk about then,
that's the future.
Let's talk about now,
how do you feel?
You make me feel
like going downtown
bus to Olympia
go see my friends
and talk to idiots too.
Different points of view.
And my new name
is just a joke.
Another mask the writers wrote.
And if you heard my old music
you would flip out, maybe one day
you'll know where I came from.

I know I walk that finest line
between I don't talk and I'm fine.
I've heard some things about my mind;
how could they know?
I mean, it's mine,
at least by this time.

Society decides your fate
tracks down its prey,
sniffs out your hate.
I promise I'm completely sane.
I promise losers win the game
that we don't play, or so we say.