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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang hit the gas
Comin from the bank, and I got some cash
It's just a bank, they don't need any money back
It's 2017
See the rearview for possible Obstacle
ever heard of an impossible obstacle?
No you haven't 'cause technically that'd be called a wall
Second bird to fly still could be the first to fall!

If you see what I can see then you can circumvent
politicians superstitions what they represent
making way for the superior intellect
These are tough times; careful what you manifest
Put the buzzwords down I meant no disrespect!
I'm only showing you what happened to the internet
Simply stated, regurgitated & simulated
This is the REDIRECT

Information Sage, in the Anthropocenic Age!
leading people out from the Infestation Stage
It's only temporary, but Man is hella scary,
one mean dream,
makes me witness what I'm watching on the antipode
buncha malaligned magicians with the antidote
Pangaea beanie babies filled with Magic Herbs
Included in their infrastructure from the Magic Earth
Is this the rhythm of a heartbeat or a stethoscope?
Am I a savant? or have i remembered what some forgot?
Listen closely I'll teach you that a thought
is your own property
Your Mind is your property