1. Step Five

From the recording Exit Strategy Unlimited

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Step Five

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Mr. Man and his daughter,
some say that he forgot her,
there is a person blotter,
blotting out the rain so some abstain from having drink,

Nobody taught me well; there's nothing wrong with me,
I'm breathing in and saying

Old man, what are you doing?
What were you thinkin? What were you thinkin? What were you thinking?

I can see the fields...
grass growing once again...
I ask please let it be,
what does one have to bargain? For simple peace! For simple peace. For simple peace.

Try another lie, yeah, don't worry!
Remember what we found, don't worry.
Turn the place around, don't worry.
It's a fool's game.

Still I have no fear, I call it here
Second time!
This is technology,
coming clean, yeah.

I can't give
what you want
I can see the crystal fall
in your eyes...