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  1. Step Six

From the recording Exit Strategy Unlimited

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Step Six

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This one, this one,
this one is for the memories
I know you have
of your self,
back from hell,
I can tell, yeah! I might as well...
Come on back around,
Leaves fall in the fall,
And I send this one to:
You, a long
it's time,
I know,
Old riddles
I say
in the snow,
it's cold,
the lights,
The Birds
will fly again
The Bees
will fly
The Birds
will sing,
again, yeah,
I know
I say
I said a string
I know it means
this will go on
no matter
the song
one song
a universe
that's what it means
That's supposed to be
so funny
You know,
I mean
I've seen
I can describe
my time
is limited,
so is everything
that dream