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I know I've said my light
I'd like to help in some way,
I think I'm leanin down,
I would like to be around

And everyone will say
the things they don't want to
They're just convinced like me and you
that we're not to do
the things we want
but luckily I forgot

My time continues on,
I know there's nothing I can do that's wrong
Because this place is in danger, I have said it before we go;
My ego is a natural configuration, yeah,
And I say it rains good!

Again I know my way,
it is the way I want to go,
and you're like me,
you're a person, you also know

And so I'd like to say
the things up in my brain,
I've said it all again,
it is only just a game,
or so they say,
what do I know anyways?
I'll try to heal because I want to do that, hey.